Our Centers

Our centers provide high quality fertility treatments to its patients. The spacious centres has been meticulously designed to provide safe & secure service delivery with stringent lab protocols to ensure the highest possible outcomes.


2nd Floor, Opposite Mantri Avenue Mall, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 8th Block, Bengaluru 560 095

Landmark: Cauvery Ford Showroom

Contact No: 63 66 43 1998

Mail ID: info@ivfaccess.com


2nd Floor, 59/1, Dr Rajkumar Rd, 2nd Block, Rajajinagara, Bengaluru 560 010

Landmark: LIC Housing Finance/Federal Bank

Contact No: 63 66 43 1998

Mail ID: info@ivfaccess.com

Jubilee Hills

1st Floor, 1355A, Road No 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500 033

Landmark: Indian Overseas Bank

Contact No: 63 66 43 1998

Mail ID: info@ivfaccess.com

IVF Access Coimbatore

2nd Floor, 609 , Avinashi Road, Coimbatore 641 004

Landmark: Above Pazhamudir Plus

Contact No: 97905 11798

Mail ID: info@ivfaccess.com

IVF Access Chennai

2nd Floor, 33 Dr Ambedkar Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai 600 24

Landmark: Above Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital

Contact No: 99006 35072

Mail ID: info@ivfaccess.com

Our Doctors

Our clinical team consist of experience doctors with specific expertise in Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology

Our Services

We offer a full spectrum of fertility treatments to achieve your goals of parenthood

IVF Access will conduct your evaluation in our state-of-the-art fertility centers. Our centers provide for an inclusive and welcoming environment which is private and respectful of your needs. 

Our Consultants will meet with you to review your previous medical records and past medical history. The first consultation generally lasts for about an hour and includes a detailed physical examination and ultrasound scan. We aim to provide a comprehensive insight for both the male and female partners and then develop a personalized treatment plan for your fertility care.


IUI is a form of artificial insemination in which our consultant will place your husband’s treated sperm directly into your uterus. The goal of IUI is pregnancy by making it easier for sperm to reach and fertilize a mature Oocytes inside of a woman.


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an advanced technique used to treat infertility where the first line of treatment has not been successful. IVF has a higher rate of success as the procedure bypasses the most common causes of infertility. Our experienced Embryologists will fertilize your oocyte with your husband’s sperm in our IVF Lab in an ultra-clean environment. And provide you with the highest quality embryos which we will then gently place into your uterus.


IVF Access has the facility to vitrify or freeze your Oocytes without losing their viability, so that you can use them later. For this you will go through the IVF stimulation and Oocyte retrieval processes, and then the retrieved Oocytes are frozen. The success rates using frozen (vitrified) Oocytes compares favorably with the success rates for IVF cycles, in patients of the same age.


Embryo freezing, is often utilized during fertility treatment to safely preserve embryos for future use. In embryo freezing, your oocytes will be retrieved by going through an IVF procedure and then fertilized by your husband’s sperm to create embryos and then frozen for later use.


Our Facilities

Ultra Clean labs

It is well established that embryo growth is extremely sensitive to its environment. IVF Access has applied the toughest standards in the design and protocols within its labs.

Modular Design Labs

Our labs are pre-fabricated to our specifications and designed with modular easy-to-clean smooth walls and surfaces and sealed low light units. These are clad with non-porous, low VOC (volatile chemicals) materials

Sealed Environment

We administer Ultra clean labs with HEPA filters to create a precisely sealed environment where there is no entry of outside contaminants. All power sockets and ducts are built into the walls and insulated

Next- Gen Materials

We only use inert stainless-steel piping for transporting medical grade gases. Only medical grade furniture is used inside our labs. Our staff use only wear customized suits which provide control against contamination

Secure Monitoring

To maintain clean conditions, we use hermetically sealing doors with touchless opening and access control to our labs. We use state of the art monitors to alert us for presence of contaminants

Bio Bubble

We create a semi-sterile zone as a buffer to our core Lab.