In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an advanced technique used to treat infertility where the first line of treatment has not been successful. IVF has a higher rate of success as the procedure bypasses the most common causes of infertility. Our experienced Embryologists will fertilize your oocyte with your husband’s sperm in our IVF Lab in an ultraclean environment.

  • IVF Stimulation process is started i.e., you will be given medication over 9-10 days to ensure that multiple oocytes are released. The medication is given through subcutaneous injections and are not painful. It can also be taken in the comfort of your homes through selfadministration at the specified times.
  • Approximately 36 hours after a trigger injection is given to complete the maturation and release of the Oocytes, our consultant conduct an Oocyte Retrieval process i.e., by inserting a slender needle and retrieve mature oocytes from the ovary. This is done under general anaesthesia and will take approximately 15 min
  • Our Embryologist will conduct the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) process i.e., to inject your oocyte with a single sperm of your husband to fertilize the Oocytes and thus create an embryo. The embryos are then allowed to grow over three to five days in an incubator.
  • Based on our proprietary process the best quality of embryo is then selected and is placed into your uterus
  • Pregnancy test is conducted after about two weeks

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