Why IVF Access

IVF Access recognizes that a couple’s challenge with infertility is emotionally draining. Our personalized approach at IVF Access is a combination of empathy and technology.

Personalized Treatment

IVF Access recognizes that every couple is from diverse backgrounds and have unique requirements. We pride ourselves on designing & delivering specific treatment plans to the couples.

Service Excellence

IVF Access nurtures and fosters a culture of excellence by making the commitment to hire, train, and retain staff who are not only experienced but also passionate, loyal, and highly committed to patient care.

To encourage the highest levels of care and continuous improvement, we provide our staff with rigorous training and autonomous decision-making skills so that they can immediately adapt and enhance their service delivery

Fusing Technology & Talent

IVF Access is committed to sourcing the best talent in the industry and investing in the latest technology. Our in-house protocols, highly experienced embryologists, and strict monitoring translate into exceptional results

Superior Success Rates

IVF Access has maintained superior rates of success in IVF.

The clinical experience of our consultant team is over 5000 cycles. And we continually update ourselves with the latest science and invest in the latest technology.


IVF Access’s Labs are ultra-clean areas that houses the latest fertility equipment. Most of our IVF Labs have a see-through glass vision panel and you will be able to see our state-of-the-art IVF Lab

Proprietary Analytics

Our clinical teams have access to high quality medical data. This vital data allows us to identify distinctive trends for each couple and provide rapid and accurate diagnosis. This allows our clinicians to personalize fertility treatments for our couples