Oocyte Recipient

IVF Access has an ethical program which meticulously matches the highest quality donors with recipients, while at the same time providing empathetic care throughout the process.

IVF Access provides anonymous oocyte donation services where a donor is selected from an available pool. The identities of the donor and recipient are kept strictly anonymous and no identifying information is shared anytime between donor and recipient.

IVF Access actively selects oocyte donors who are healthy women between the ages of 21 and 35. We rigorously screens oocyte donor candidates to ensure they are healthy and that they fully understand and consent for the donation process.

During the treatment, we stimulate the donor with medications, and we prescribe hormones to the recipient so that she can synchronize her cycle with the donor’s cycle and prepare her uterus to receive the embryos and thus increase the likelihood of implantation. About 4 weeks after the recipient starts medication, the oocytes are retrieved from the donor and combined with the sperm from the husband in the embryology laboratory. The embryos are then transferred into the recipient’s uterus.

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