IVF Access launched at Koramangala in Bangalore

IVF Access launched its first state of the center at Koramangala in Bangalore to provide high quality fertility treatments to its patients. The centre has been meticulously designed to provide safe & secure service delivery with stringent lab protocols to ensure the highest possible outcomes.

The center offers complete fertility care for couples including comprehensive male and female fertility evaluation, IUI, IVF, and advanced techniques for embryo management. It is staffed by highly competent clinicians experienced in reproductive medicine, embryology & andrology.

Speaking at the launch, Naresh Rao, CEO of IVF Access, said, “We are delighted to launch our flagship fertility clinic in Bangalore. And we look forward to partnering with couples as they begin their journey to parenthood. IVF Access is seeking to advance its fertility platform through convenient locations, our proprietary technology, and its gynecology partner network across the country.”

About IVF Access

IVF Access is a healthcare company which is setting up clinics in India providing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. IVF Access aims to increase the reach of assisted reproductive treatment in India through access to technology and medical expertise. IVF Access was founded by Naresh Rao, Nikhil Rajmohan, Harinath Chakravarthy and Pravin Sethuraman, the former management team at Nova IVI Fertility.