Fertility checklist when visiting for IVF treatment

Fertility checklist when visiting for IVF treatment

Your Fertility checklist when visiting us for IVF treatment. What questions should you ask us? When IVF treatment is recommended, the decision can be significant for the couple. You will have a lot of questions: How should I be ready? What is required from us?

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To help you through this process, here are common questions asked of us

  • What medications will you give? And do I have to come to the clinic for the injections?
  • How will you freeze embryos?
  • How many eggs will you retrieve?
  • Will you use a 3-day or 5-day transfer?
  • Will you do a frozen or fresh transfer?
  • Should we do an IUI first?
  • How long is this process expected to take from start to finish?

IVF can be recommended in a few different cases. One example is when previous fertility treatment, such as IUI (artificial insemination), has proven unsuccessful. IVF can be offered if there is severe male factor infertility or in cases where female factor infertility is present due to issues like advanced maternal age, poor ovarian reserve, tubal obstruction, or endometriosis. For others, IVF can be recommended as the first step in treatment, over procedures like IUI.

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