Gamete safety – our utmost priority

Gamete safety – our utmost priority

ART involves handling human tissue (or gametes) outside the human body in an IVF lab with the aim of producing a viable embryo. One of the major concerns of a couple before they start an IVF treatment with IVF Access is always about the safety and efficiency of the procedure and the safety of their treasured gametes which will be carefully handled inside the IVF lab to create their embryos

Before IVF Access commences any treatment cycle, we provide detailed counseling and explain each of their concerns (whether they are clinical or otherwise along with what to expect during each day of their treatment).

For IVF Access, safety begins on the very first day of treatment and continues till the last step of embryo implantation

  1. IVF Access maintains a precise and strictly monitored cold chain for its prescription hormones before they are administered to the patient by our trained nursing staff
  2. At each step in the Andrology and IVF Lab, we maintain a double witnessing system using our own proprietary resource framework to ensure the highest safety and security of the gametes.
  3. IVF Access has its pre-defined standard procedures which ensures that every consumable is checked during receipt for consistency & stability and has dedicated sterile storage spaces which are designed for ease of access to ensure a swift flow during the procedure and also to prevent any contamination or variation in potency.
  4. IVF Access maintains an ultra-clean IVF Lab with active HEPA filters which creates a stable in-vivo like environment for embryo development
  5. The entire lab layout has been designed and built in with wide space to accommodate all the instruments/equipment with a concept of ease and connectivity between each step of the procedure.
  6. Designated lab personnel (IVF lab in charge) supervise all the lab affairs & steps to ensure good laboratory practice of each IVF lab staff to prevent any error or adverse situations.
  7. An automated Key performance index (KPI) of all the team members and procedures is audited regularly to assess the performance of individual lab personnel and rapid troubleshooting in case of any variation or spikes
  8. The working condition of all the instruments are ensured based on regular QA/QC performed followed by periodic calibration and servicing.
  9. When it comes to storage of gametes/embryos, IVF Access maintains a secured storage area consisting of storage tanks, provided with cryo-accessories to ensure full proof protection to all storage devices
  10. IVF Access also uses color coding, temperature resistant patient labels for all tissue containers to safeguard the catalogue numbers and name tags which are immersed in liquid nitrogen at extreme cold temperatures of -196 degree centigrade
  11. All patient information is always preserved on a secure private document cloud and is access controlled to make sure that only relevant staff can view patient records.
  12. Appropriate guidelines for personal safety as well patient safety as risk management system in IVF lab is followed to prevent any untoward incidents.

IVF access believes in the phrase “Trust is earned when words meet actions” and we ensure that your gametes are safe with us.

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