Developing Self – Care & Healthy Habits For A Happier Fertility Journey

Developing Self – Care & Healthy Habits For A Happier Fertility Journey

All of us need to make the right choices to get us to the right destination. Making healthy choices is one such way of overcoming multiple factors when it comes to starting off on your Fertility journey. True self–care is about prioritizing your future self over your short-term desires.

Remember that even the smallest things matter when it comes to correcting your lifestyle which will give you long term benefits. Our team of expert Doctors at IVF Access provide patients with holistic care to get the best results. We know that your fertility journey can be an emotionally difficult experience. At IVF Access, we personalize our treatment to the needs of individual couples and provide counselling on suggestions for lifestyle changes and stress management.

Our most frequent recommendations include:

  • Stay hydrated: Staying well hydrated is key to vitality and health. This helps in increasing Alkaline levels in the body to build immunity. Remember to replace caffeine and drink more fresh fruit juices and leafy drinks to boost your Immune system
  • Adopt a healthy routine: This helps in healing and allows you to stay calm during the treatment. We always recommend that patients regulate their sleep (to allow for a minimum 7-8 hours)
  • Keep relaxed: We always advise to patients to relax and ward off stress during this period. Some good examples are yoga, meditation, warm baths, reading a book, deep breathing, and low intensity work outs
  • Stay positive: Use your imagination to wander to happier, peaceful times and this will allow you to relax and feel comfortable. Start a journal and write down your thoughts and emotions. This can be one of the best ways to untangle them through difficult times, and it can be one of the best ways of proactively staying on top of your mental health.
  • Eat sensibly: In today’s active world, we need to be conscious of what and where we eat. Eating food with high fiber content and proteins with green leafy vegetables helps to nourish the body and aid in digestion
  • Treat Yourself: It is important to occasionally give breaks to a stringent routine and indulge in simple pleasures of your choice. It will help you bounce back in better ways.
  • Verify your information: Rely on verified information sources and always talk to our in-house consultants, counsellors and embryologists. We would be happy to clear your doubts

Every couple’s fertility journey can be challenging and we aspire to make your as seamless and rewarding as possible

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